We focus on finding needles in haystacks.

We are a specialist executive recruitment firm. We seek out the most talented people in the Chemical, Oil, Gas and Power industry and we match them up with the most exciting opportunities.

Work with the experts

We are a team of respected professionals with a growing reputation and strong client base. Our clients are Oil & Gas, Chemical, Energy Trading and Capital Markets companies as well as Utilities. The professionals we focus on, work in Front Office Trading and Sales, Procurement and Risk Management with seniority ranging from starting professionals to senior management executives.

Find the right person fast

Over the years we have gained a deep understanding of our markets and our dedicated research team ensures it stays that way. We use quality research, professionalism and drive to create our own momentum. In fact, with so many professionals in our ever-growing network, we can act quickly, accelerate the search and improve your chances of finding the right candidate.

Leave nothing to chance

We’re a mandate driven search firm and we pay attention to every detail. That means the interviews we conduct are always in-depth. We carry out reference checks and oversee the whole recruitment process. What’s more, because the process has been properly managed, when an offer is made both parties are usually very satisfied with the outcome.

A trusted advisor that delivers on its promises

We’ve built strong working relationships with all our clients. We know them, we know how they work, we know their vision, and we know their markets; not just on a local level but also on a national and international level. We believe that to secure the right talent, a strong relationship between client and search firm is vital.

Exceeding your expectations

A company only becomes great if it hires great people. So don’t settle for OK. We dig deeper and seek out the candidates that your business really needs.

We’re better informed

We are one of the leading recruitment companies within the commodity and capital markets with a particular focus on front office and risk management professionals. Every day we are in constant touch with highly qualified people; we understand the markets they work in, we know how they operate, and we appreciate the demands of the job. When we’re looking to find you the specialist you require, this knowledge gives us a significant advantage.

A great fit

We can vouch for all the people we put forward. Before you meet any of them, all potential candidates will have gone through an in-depth interview, they will have received a detailed briefing on the role and will understand your expectations.

Finding needles in haystacks

We have a reputation for finding ‘needles in haystacks’. We undertake in-depth research and track hard to find employees and those who are not actively seeking a new position. We’re proud when we find you people you couldn’t have found elsewhere or who you believed were never open to a new opportunity.

Our service keeps on going

Our work doesn’t stop once the employee starts work. We keep in contact with both parties to clarify any problems early on and to stay informed about their wishes. This also gives us the opportunity to continuously improve our service and better understand our clients’ requirements.

Submit a vacancy

Tell us your job specification, your contact details and a convenient time for us to call you to discuss your requirements.

Quality roles for quality candidates

To build a successful career you need a partner that understands what it takes to succeed. We are here to listen to you, guide you, and bring your skills and knowledge to the attention of today’s leading employers.

You are not a number

We believe in the power of great talent to drive business success and we help make that happen in every way we can. We treat all our candidates with respect and courtesy and we offer clarity and intelligent advice. We like to build long-term relationships and we believe in doing 'the right thing' by them in their careers.

It’s all about the chemistry

We spend time with every candidate and every company that we represent. We listen and get to know the personality traits that help us make the right connections.

Knowledge is everything

Thanks to our market knowledge and extensive network, you might be surprised how well informed we are about your world. We also have extensive information about our clients and their specific requirements and this helps us judge which candidate fits best with which employer.

Our story

Search for Excellence is different. Founded in 2008, the business was created to meet the ever-changing needs of great companies and great candidates.

Our role

We focus on the chemical, oil, gas and power industry. These are key-areas within today’s modern economy and they constantly evolving. There is a growing demand for top professionals in these areas and we provide the very best people.

We’re growing fast

We’re young and we’re making a big impression. In fact several international institutions have called upon our services. Our client list includes many international institutions as well as small high quality operations. They like the fact that we’re a highly professional, mandate driven, search business that delivers on its promises.

Our principles

We believe in hard work and not giving up. We are passionate about what we do and we set ourselves bold targets. We believe nothing is impossible, but as enthusiastic as we are, we’re also realistic. Our aim is to grow Search for Excellence into a global business with multiple offices in business centres.


We have offices in the Netherlands and in Switzerland. Our team and network embraces many talented people from around the globe.

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Search For Excellence - Switzerland

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